Shoulder Pain that just won’t go away!


How to prevent rotator cuff injury, biceps tendonitis and  other Shoulder Pain!  Are you a young or professional baseball pitcher and are struggling with either your performance or your durability?  Then keep reading…

Ask 10 different types of therapist/physicians the number one cause of most shoulder pain and you are likely to get 10 different answers.

We can all agree on a couple of main causes of shoulder pain:

1. Overuse is a common cause of rotator cuff strain, tearing and pain.

2. The ‘core unit’ is important for decreasing the amount of strain on a throwing/overhead athlete’s accelerating and decelerating muscles.

3. Bad biomechanics has an overall effect on shoulder pain (specifically biceps tendonitis, Rotator Cuff pain and shoulder bursitis.)

How we fix or correct the Shoulder Pain patient is open to debate and usually depends upon what the Physician/ Therapist’s  expertise is.

The typical treatment protocol:

1. Ice, rest, Ultrasound and massage to the areas of pain and associated musculature.  Combined w/ some over the counter or prescriptions to help accelerate the decrease in pain.

2. Once the pain is gone, then it’s usually band exercises for the Rotator Cuff muscles and then a slow reintroduction to the sport or other activities.

The question in my mind when someone presents with shoulder pain is, “what is the exact biomechanical fault which is responsible for structures A, B and/or C to be in pain?  (this obviously is thrown out the door if someone has fallen on it or has had an accident of some type!)

The result of bad biomechanics is PAIN!  Plain and simple.  Its our body’s way of  letting us know that something isn’t working right!

By identifying the true biomechanical fault of the shoulder SYSTEM and its relation to the Upper and Lower Kinetic Chain (check out the next blog) you are not only solving the CAUSE of your pain, but you are also correcting the mechanics which allows for better balance of the entire Kinetic Chain (think Joints as a system and not as a single entity) which leads to better Durability of the joint and the athlete.

By creating more Durable and Balanced athletes at Stark, we are also increasing Performance!

Remember, a properly functioning joint and Kinetic Chain (joints as a system) allows for maximum force generation and thus a more explosive athlete.

For more information please goto and watch the Shoulder Screen video to find out how many of the risk factors for injury you currently possess!

Here’s to a faster, stronger and leaner you!

Jason Amstutz DC, RTP, CCSP

Clinic Director

Stark Sports Med Group


About LINK Medical Center

Dr. Amstutz is a classically-trained Chiropractor since 2006, with a foundation in performance and rehabilitation. He began studying in the Complexity Model with Guy Voyer in June 2011. He has recently completed the SomaTherapy program for the 2nd time and is in the process of completing the SomaTraining program for the 2nd time. He works with many professional athletes in various sports and continues his role as student in an 8-year European/Canadian Osteopath program through Sutherland University in Montreal, QC with Dr. Voyer. He is one of only two approved SomaTherapy teachers in the U.S. and will also be leading SomaTherapy courses for the in NYC. View all posts by LINK Medical Center

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